Thai “Dystopian Popstar” Pyra releases “Fkn Bad Pt. 1”

Thailand’s Pyra has made a name for herself by combining futurist aesthetics, social commentary, and genre-bending pop music into a delirious, riotous whole. The self-described “dystopian popstar”’s new six-track EP, “fkn bad pt. 1”, releases August 20th on the heels of a number of well-received singles such as “yellow fever” and “bangkok”.


“Fkn bad pt. 1” collects these singles and other previously-released tracks such as “dystopia” and “plastic world”, alongside the new song “paper promises”. In the artist’s words, “paper promises” is a response to the Thai government’s handling of the Covid-19 pandemic, where “morals and ethics [vanished] when put up against big money … Promises are fragile like thin sheets of paper – and that thin sheet of paper is money.”


“Fkn bad pt. 1” is out August 20th.

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