Tanya Chua Steals the Show at the 33rd Golden Melody Awards

Singaporean-born singer-songwriter Tanya Chua dominated the 33rd Golden Melody Awards in Kaoshiung, scooping up four awards for her pandemic-inspired album DEPART: Best Female Mandarin Singer, Best Mandarin Album, Best Vocal Recording Album, and Album of the Year.

Photo Credit: GMA Official Facebook Page

Hakka singer Ayugo Huang also won multiple accolades for his album Mountain of Doom. He went home with Best Hakka Album, Best Hakka Singer, and the Jury Award. Huang also received an award as part of the New Formosa Band, which won the Best Vocal Group award.

But it wasn’t all about the veterans this year: younger bands also made a big impact in the Kaoshiung Music Center. Notable winners include EggPlantEgg winning the Song of the Year Award for “Oh Love, You Are Much Greater Than I Imagined.” Recently-formed multi-lingual chamber pop duo Collage also won, scooping up the Best New Artist award. The duo also treated the audience to a performance of “葬予規路火烌猶在” afterwards.

Photo Credit: GMA Official Facebook Page

The 33rd Golden Melody Awards took place in the Kaoshiung Music Center, marking the first time the southern port city has hosted the awards in 17 years. The Golden Melody Awards was founded in 1990 to celebrate the best music from Taiwanese and Chinese artists performing and recording in Mandarin, Taiwanese, Hakka, and indigenous languages.

Check out the full list of winners below:

  • Album of the Year: “DEPART” by Tanya Chua (蔡健雅)
  • Song of the Year: “Oh Love, You Are Much Greater Than I Imagined” (愛情你比我想的閣較偉大) by EggPlantEgg (茄子蛋)
  • Jury Award: “Mountain Of Doom” (滅人山) by Ayugo Huang (黃連煜)
  • Special Contribution Award: Chiu Chen (邱晨) and Fu Ming Chen (陳復明)
  • Best Mandarin Album: “DEPART” by Tanya Chua (蔡健雅)
  • Best Male Singer (Mandarin): Cui Jian (崔健) for the album “Fei Gou” (飛狗)
  • Best Female Singer (Mandarin): Tanya Chua (蔡健雅) for the album “DEPART”
  • Best Male Singer (Taiwanese): Wang Jun-Jie (王俊傑) for the album “Don’t Know” (看無)
  • Best Female Singer (Taiwanese): Joey Chiang (江惠儀) for the album “Kuu” (空)
  • Best Indigenous Language Album: “pongso no Tao” by Paudull (陳建年)
  • Best Singer (Hakka): Ayugo Huang (黃連煜) for the album “Mountain Of Doom” (滅人山)
  • Best Hakka Album: “Mountain Of Doom” (滅人山) by Ayugo Huang (黃連煜)
  • Best Band: Flesh Juicer (血肉果汁機/GIGO, Matt, ZERO, Evan and sionC) for the album “GOLDEN TAIZI BRO”
  • Best Vocal Group: New Formosa Band (新寶島康樂隊) for the album “Jian Jian Hua” (新寶島康樂隊 第12張剪剪花)
  • Best New Artist: Collage (珂拉琪)
  • Best Music Video: “ganbatene” (甘吧爹ㄋㄟ) performed by JenJen Yu (余佩真), directed by Tsai Yi-yu (蔡宜豫)
  • Best Vocal Album Recording: DEPART by Tanya Chua (蔡健雅)
  • Best Album Producer: Jerry Li (李權哲) for “AI-CHING” (愛情一陣風)
  • Best Song Producer: LaLa Hsu (徐佳瑩) and Howe (陳君豪) for “None of the Above” (以上皆非)
  • Best Composer: HUSH for the song “Shadow Song” (衣櫃歌手)
  • Best Lyricist: Xinkuan Xiong (熊信寬) for the song “88BARS”
  • Best Arranger: Huang Shao-yong (黃少雍) for the song “Star” (fu’is 星星歌)
  • Best Album Design: Chen, Nien-Ying (陳念瑩) for “Road to…” (不是路) by Lilium (百合花)
  • Best Instrumental Album: “Increasing Echo” (Original Soundtrack/修行) by Chris Hou (侯志堅)
  • Best Taiwanese Album: “Road to…” (不是路) by Lilium (百合Best Singer (Indigenous Language): Osay Hongay (簡燕春) for the album “Ira…a micekor” (To Wait In Silence/靜靜地等待著)
  • Best Instrumental Album Producer: Alan Kwan, Jordan Gheen and Matt Young for the album “Between Now and Never”
  • Best Instrumental Composer: YongHeng Wu (武勇恆) for the piece “On Starboard” (星板) in the album “Hydro Canvas” (海淀)
  • Best Instrumental Album Recording: “Hydro Canvas” (海淀)