Korean Math-Rock Band Dabda Collaborate With toe Members on “Jungle Gym”

Korean math-rock/post-rock quartet Dabda released their latest single, “Jungle Gym”, at the end of September. “Jungle Gym” features the talents of toe drummer Takashi Kashikura in a dual-drum setup alongside the band’s Lee Seung-Hyun, with toe guitarist Takaaki Mino behind the mixing desk in a post-production role.

“Jungle Gym”’s austere music video is directed by Kim Yoo-Seok and features the ballet talents of Kim Hye-Kyoung, part of the Eun-Me Ahn Company’s stable of talent.

Dabda members meeting Takaaki Mino and Takashi Kashikura online (Taken from Dabda’s Instagram)


“Jungle Gym” marks Dabda’s first release under Tron Music Agency, a team comprised of music lovers based in Taiwan, Korea, Japan and China, and is a subsidiary of well-known Taiwanese major label Rock Records. The band and label also released a 15-minute behind-the-scenes documentary, giving fans a look at the creative process behind the landmark collaboration.


Dabda is vocalist/guitarist Kim Ji-Ae, guitarist Lee Joseph, drummer Lee Seung-Hyun, and bassist Noh Keo-Hyun. The foursome debuted in 2013 with “가을이 지나면 외로움도 사라질까 했지”, and released their first full-length “But, All the Shining Things Are” in 2020.

You can find Dabda on Bandcamp, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube