Dive Into Hope and Love With Lightcraft’s Latest Album

Indonesian pop quartet lightcraft have released their fourth full-length album, titled “Hope + Love”, through Wander Digital. The album’s 12 tracks retain the band’s signature wide-screen anthemic gestures, but with a newfound love for the synth and electronic sound of the 1980s.

The band claims that “Hope + Love” marks “the beginning of a new era”, and it’s not hard to see why: tracks such as “True (You)” and “Life” showcase a bouncy pop gloss that was only hinted at in the band’s previous work, while guest features from Indonesian rapper Pretty Rico (“Feathers”) and Singaporean producer DSML (“Carry Your Heart”) showcase the band’s broadening horizons.

Photo credit: lightcraft

But “Hope + Love” isn’t just about the band’s growth; it’s also a statement about the continued importance and power of hope and love, especially in a world that has suffered greatly at the hands of a global pandemic.

Guitarist Fari Febrian had this to say about the album’s theme: “it is our hope that ‘Hope + Love’ could shine a ray of positive light on its listeners, put a smile on their faces, and make them feel better in life.”

Photo credit: lightcraft

lightcraft formed in 2005 and the current lineup has been playing together since 2012. They’ve been called the “Southeast Asian Coldplay” and played big and small stages across the globe. Melding together lyrics brimming with hopefulness and positivity, the Jakarta-based Indonesian quartet have a unique arena-ready sound that is at once uplifting and melancholic, able to tug at heartstrings and incite a wide-eyed smile in an instant.

“Hope + Love” features the blockbuster focus track “Permanence” and is available on all digital streaming platforms from July 15, 2022, including on Spotify, Apple Music, JOOX, Resso, and more.

The music video to “Permanence” will be premiered on lightcraft’s official YouTube channel sometime in August.

“Hope + Love” Tracklist
1) True (You)
2) Permanence
3) Forever
4) Don’t Fight This Feeling
5) If Ever
6) Feathers (feat Pretty Rico)
7) Life
8) Like a Fire
9) Carry Your Heart (feat DSML)
10) Dream Dancer
11) This Day & Age (feat Natasha Udu)
12) This Life (Outro)